Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dr. S Ravi Shankar, Professor Dr.S Ravi Shankar
Educational Qualification M.Tech IIT Kharagpur, Ph.D IIT Madras
Experience Teaching: 8 Years
Industry/R&D: 38 Years
Area of Interest Electro Magnetic Scattering, Antennas, Broadband Communication
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List of Publications:

Papers Published in National and International Journals:

  1. Narasimhan, M.; Ravishankar, S,”Radiation from aperture antennas radiating in the presence of a dielectric sphere”, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Volume: 30 Issue: 6 Nov 1982, Page(s): 1237- 1240
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  6. S.Ravishankar “EM Scattering by bodies of arbitrary shape and unknown Constitution” April 1993. EMC Test and Design, IEEE EMC/ ESD Conference Proceedings, Denver Colorado.

International and National Conference:

  1. Ravishankar, S.; Rukmini, T.S.; Kumaraswamy, H.V.; Sunit, S.; Karthik, Y.; Vinay, P.; Ravishankar, A,”Analysis of hemispherical Dielectric lens antennas for wireless applications”, Applied
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  6. Ravishankar, S.; Uma, B.V.; Padmaja, K.V,”Realization of Adaptive Filters for NEXT Crosstalk Mitigation in Two Wire ADSL on DSP”,Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications, 2007. International Conference on Volume: 1 13-15 Dec. 2007, Page(s): 567-569
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/ICCIMA.2007.136
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International Workshop:

  1. Ravishankar, S, “Analysis of shaped beam dielectric lens antennas for mobile broadband applications”, IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology: Small Antennas and Novel Metamaterials, 2005. IWAT 2005, 7-9 March 2005 , Page(s): 539- 542, Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/IWAT.2005.1461135.

International Symposium:

  1. Ravishankar, S.; Biswagar, P, “Spherical modal analysis of shaped dielectric lens antennas for mobile broadband applications (MBS)” Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2005 IEEE Volume: 2A 3-8 July 2005, Page(s): 454- 457 vol. 2A
  2. S.Ravishankar & M.S.Narasimhan, “Near Field to Near Field Transformations - Spherical Modal Approach” IEEE International Radar Symposium India - 83, Oct 1983.
  3. S.Ravishankar, “The Effects of antenna Mounted Bodies on the Radiation from VSAT Earth Station Antennas”, Sept 1993, The Third IEEE/URSI International Symposium on antennas and EM Theory, NANJING, Peoples Republic of China.


  1. US Patent 10/ 684363 filed Oct 15, 2003, S.Ravishankar and Satya Sudhakar – Assignee Texas Instruments,“Determining distance to echo points in a wire line medium”.
  2. US Patent 10/ 757987 filed Jan 16, 2004, S.Ravishankar – Assignee Texas Instruments
    “Antennas supporting High Density of wireless users in specific directions”.
  3. Indian Product patent, 4592/416/MAS/2000 dated June 2000, S.Ravishankar, Satcom
    Lab ITI, M: N Redundancy switches for Modems and Converters with transponder and
    Polarization Hopping”.

Book Citation:

My IEEE Publications are now quoted as the most accurate method for scattering by dielectric spheres in the following advanced book – “Dielectric and Dielectric loaded Antennas”, by Prof. Rajeswari Chatterjee. IEE Electronic and Electrical Engg series, Published by John Wiley.


  1. A cost effective Smart Antenna for Mobile Broadband Applications. ISRO
    Rs . 3.6. Lakhs-in progress.
  2. Design and Development of Dielectric Lens based on active smart array antenna for surface communication of Underwater vehicles., Naval Research Board, 40 Lakhs-in progress
  3. Guiding five research scholars.

Teaching Award:

  1. Excellency award from RSS Trust on 26 Jan 2006 in the annual get together function.
  2. Best Faculty award for the year 2010 from RVCE-Cognizant Technologies
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