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About the Department

From the Desk of Prof. Dr. Prasanna Kumar. S.C, HoD (Instrumentation Technology)Department of Instrumentation Technology

The department was established in the year 1981 with an intake of 40 students. The present intake is 60. The department has been imparting quality Engineering Education and is grooming students in all facets of Creative Learning, Technical Competency, Character building and Overall Personality Development. Well Qualified and experienced faculty members is the forte’ of IT Department. The faculty members are encouraged to take independent initiatives with collective responsibility in all the relevant academic and R&D activities, such as teaching, curriculum development, graduate research supervision, R&D, continuing education - organizing Proficiency courses, conferences, workshops and seminars. The department has to its credit sanctioned projects and programmes, sponsored by DRDO, DST, NRB and AICTE.

The Department got accredited by NBA, New Delhi, for second time in 2006.

Welcome to our Department !


  • To produce competent engineers capable of developing and using technological concepts & Soulutions.
  • To excel in providing quality engineering education.
  • To encourage reasearch aptitude, leading to research publications and patents.
  • To enhance the experience through industry- department interaction programs, leading to better awareness, interaction and employability.
  • To encourage and support creative and innovative projects & activities, to become industry-ready or pursue higher studies of their choice.
  • To contribute towards the betterment of society through workshops by imparting practical skills to unemployed youth for better employability.

Imparting knowledge base and skill sets in the fields of instrumentation & automation technologies by providing learning ambience for academics & research leading to global competence.

Academic Program:
Courses offered:
The Department is offering

  • B.E. degree course in “Instrumentation Technology”
  • M. Tech. degree in “Bio-Medical Signal Processing & Instrumentation” affiliated to VTU.

The faculty members are focused on the Design, Fabrication and Implementation in different areas of Instrumentation, namely Automation Systems, Robotics, Virtual Instrumentation, Biomedical Signal Processing, Aircraft and Naval Instrumentation, etc. For UG programme the Department has 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 11 Assistant Professor and 1 Senior lecturer. The staff to students’ ratio in the department is 1:15. For PG programme the Department has 1 Professor and 2 Assistant professors.

The IT curriculum encompasses cutting edge industry relevant technologies like Signal & Image Processing, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, VLSI and HDL Design, Computer Networking, Process Instrumentation and Controls, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Virtual Instrumentation, Product Design Technology, etc., the contents of which are updated in consonance with the changing industrial needs. The department offers consultancy services and executes Research projects related to Biomedical Instrumentation, Process Control and Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Bioinformatics, etc.

Distribution of overall course content Department of Instrumentation Technology

Infrastructure / Facilities

The Department of Instrumentation Technology Engineering is spread over an area of 2044 square meters with well equipped laboratories and class rooms. The class rooms are having the facilities of LCD projectors for presenting the lectures and having sufficient space to accommodate more than 60 students. The department is having a sophisticated Library with a good collection of more than 1,600 Text & reference books, IEEE Journals, Magazines, Periodicals, CD’s, Project Reports, Laboratory Manuals, etc. The important laboratories along with their special equipments are listed below.

Name of the Laboratory
Equipment Available

Microprocessor, Microcontrollers & DSP Lab Microprocessor Kits, KEIL Software, Microcontroller Kits, Microcontroller Programmer, DSP Kits (Texas), Code composer studio, Matlab software with tool boxes, Computers, Server, Programmable Power supply, Programmable Voltage Source with an area of 124.42 Sq. M.

Microprocessor, Microcontrollers & DSP Lab

Digital Electronics Lab & Instrumentation Lab Digital IC Trainer Kits, IC Testers, Dual Power Supplies, Instrumentation Bridges, Instrumentation Trainer kits, LCR Q Bridge, Inductive transducer, Photo diode setup, Photo transistor setup, Capacitive pickup setup, Diaphragm type pressure transducer with an area of 83.05 Sq. M.

Digital Electronics Lab & Instrumentation Lab

Data Acquisition and Control Systems Lab & Process Control Systems Lab
PLC, Level Control Trainer, Flow Control Trainer, Temperature Control Trainer, PID Controller Trainer, DC Postion Servo Mech Demo Unit, Inductive Transducer, Pressure Transducer with an area 116.65 Sq. M.

Data Acquisition and Control Systems Lab & Process Control Systems Lab

Analog Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Trainer kits, LCR Q Meters with an area of 104.60 Sq. M.

Analog Electronics Lab

Xilinx FPGA Trainer Kits with interface module, Modelsim Software with an area of 124.42 Sq. M.


  • Product Design Lab: PCB Camera-C-Shot, Exposure Unit(D/S), Etching Machine (D/S) Rotary, Etching Machine (S/S) Bubble Spray, Photo Resist Dip Coating Machine-Photo Dip, Drilling Machine H/S-Calodrill, Roller Tinning Machine-Timmatic, Hot Air Baking Oven, Sharing Machine-Slash-1000, Notch Cutting Machine with an area of 26.42 Sq. M.
  • VI Lab: Hardware kits and LabVIEW software with an area of 124.42 Sq. M.
  • Biomedical Signal Processing Lab: Matlab software with tool boxes with an area of 124.42 Sq. M.
  • VLSI and Embedded systems Lab: A new lab will be set up for Autonomous students in the Academic year 2009-10.

All the Software & Hardware labs are having sufficient number of Computers, Power Supplies, UPS units, Function Generators, Signal Generators, Pulse Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, 100MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes, Resistors, Capacitors, FETs, Transistors, Ammeters and Voltmeters etc.

Events & Seminars

The Department has organized International Conference / National Conferences, AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs, DST sponsored programs, Workshops and Seminars, the details of which are given below.

International Conference organized

  • Computer, Communication, Control and Instrumentation- 3CI 07 (IEEE Sponsored) - 2007.
Computer, Communication, Control and Instrumentation

National Conferences organized

  • 4th IETE Conference on RF & Wireless - 2011
  • One day national conference on   “Emerging trends in Bio Medical Signal Processing- 2011
  • Emerging trends in Bio Medical Signal Processing - 2008.
  • Conference on Medical Image Processing (COMIP - 06) - 2006.
  • Recent Trends in Bio-Medical Instrumentation (BIT-05) - 2005.
National Conferences National Conferences National Conferences

AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs (SDP) conducted (To the faculty members of engineering colleges all over India):

  • “Advance technologies in Wireless Instrumentation using Expert Controllers and LabVIEW” - 2009.
  • “PIC Microcontrollers Design and its Applications” - 2008.
AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs
AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programs    

DST sponsored programme organized

  • “A STST Training programme on Design & Fabrication of PCB” for the students from economically weaker section, in and around Bangalore.

Research Workshops organized

  • Nano Electronics, Planar and Molecular Electronics, Electrical Sensors and Bio Sensors - 2007.
  • Electronic Measurements, Instrument and Transducers, Logic Design, Data Acquisition systems - 2007 for LRDE and DRDO employees.
  • Design & Fabrication of PCB – 2007, for LRDE employees.
  • “Bio-Medical Applications of Virtual Instrumentation - 2007” for PG Students by National Instruments Team.
  • Industrial Automation - 2005.

Seminars organized on the topics (Experts from various Industries/ R&D Institutions have participated and shared their knowledge and experiences):

  • Prevention of heart attack- awareness and Improvement of quality of life-2011
  • The way of a successful Instrumentation Engineer -Appraisal of the worldwide leadership opportunities for Instrumentation Engineers-2011
  • GPS & its Application-2010
  • Industrial Automation-2010
  • Instrumentation Applications in Hot Rolling  Industries -2010
  • I.T. Applications for current trends in Bioinformatics-2010
  • Ergonomic Design of Display Systems-2010
  • Automation with Demonstration-2010
  • Device to Device Communication for building Automation using lon-Works-2010
  • Thrills of being an Automation Engineer & Unfolding the Heights-2009
  • Instrumentation and Safety in Oil & Gas sectors-2009
  • Space Imaging from Indian Satellites-2009
  • Perspectives and Trends of Automation-2009
  • Trends in healthcare and signal processing 2009.
  • Embedded systms applications - 2009.
  • Embedded Systems - 2008.
  • Need of the day in Medical Instrumentation - 2008.
  • Device Development for cardio Vascular Applications - 2008.
  • MOU Projects for Bio-Medical Instrumentation - 2008.
  • Problems & possibilities of entrepreneurial ventures - 2008.
  • Trends in Automation and Automation Systems - 2007.
  • Informatics for Bio-Medical Application - 2007.
  • BMSPI Putting things in perspective, Process Controls and Systems - 2007.

Workshops for Students:

  • Technical workshop on Lab VIEW was organized by the Virtual Instrumentation Club, Dept. of Instrumentation Technology on 17th & 18th of April 2010.
  • Robotic workshop was organized as an event in the Techno-cultural fest TRANS IT-09 by the Dept. of Instrumentation Technology on 14th and 15th Nov. 2009.
  • Two weeks Proficiency course was conducted for 4th Semester B. E. Autonomous Students during 8th to 20th June 2009 to expose them to the advanced industry automation.



Department of Instrumentation Technology established the "ISA-RVCE Student Section" on 11/12/2009. This section is affiliated and recognized by a professional body "International Society of Automation, USA". This is a platform where students get a chance to interact with renowned industry people on regular basis as well as they can showcase their talent through a number of exhibitions, seminars, paper presentations and many more events. Apart from this, students also get online support, technical magazine and other benefits.

Several events like Seminars by Automation Experts, Workshops, Industrial visits and Exhibition of mini projects developed by the sixth semester students was organized by ISA.

Virtual Instrumentation Club of RVCE

"Virtual Instrumentation Club" of I.T. department, first of its kind in India, was inaugurated by Mr. Jayaram Pillai, CEO of National Instruments and our principal, Dr. Satynarayana B.S. on April 15th 2010.
This club is recognized and Sponsored by National Instruments, Bangalore. This is a forum of the students, for the students, and by the students, where the students of Instrumentation and all engineering branches join hands to involve themselves in the following activities beyond the engineering curriculum to bring out more useful engineers of tomorrow:
1. Learning & Teaching VI.
2. LabVIEW programming techniques dissemination.
3. Getting trained to appear for CLAD, CLD, etc., online Certificate exams of NI.
4. Conduct workshops and seminars on topics of Future relevance.
5. Projects exhibition and industrial training.



Faculty Achievements:

  • Two faculty members’ have been awarded Doctoral degree (Ph. D).
  • Five faculty members’ are pursuing Doctoral degree (Ph. D).
  • Faculty members have presented and published 77 technical papers in International   Journals, National and International conferences.
  • Few faculty members are working on ongoing research projects sanctioned by DRDO, DST & NRB.
  • Faculty members have attended over 60 conferences conducted in all over India.
  • Some of the faculty members have been honored and have received awards like Academic Excellence, Best Teacher and Best Paper Awards from RSST and other institutions.
  • Few faculty members are in the Board of Studies of other autonomous engineering colleges.

Students Achievements:

  • Both PG & UG Students have bagged university Ranks frequently including Gold Medals.
  • A team of students designed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle “VYOMA - 2009” with an intention of testing it at competition held by ”Society of Automotive Engineers” student chapter called “Aero Design” hosted by NASA, Atlanta, United States of America.
  • Students have presented a paper "Safety Automation of Cars using Embedded Micro Controllers” in, International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modeling, Control and Automation (CIMCA), Vienna, Austria.
  • Students have actively participated and won the prizes in the events “Robotic stair climber” and “Robotic Sumo Wrestling” held during Shaastra at IIT, Madras.
  • Students have won the prizes in National level Robotics festival conducted at BIT, Goa and Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad.
  • A student took part in the event of KSHITIJ-08 conducted at IIT, Kharagpur.
  • Students have presented Technical papers at IIT Guwahati, BIT Bangalore, BMSCE Bangalore and various other premier institutions of India.
  • Many students have gone to abroad for higher education through competitive examinations like GRE, CAT etc.
  • Few students have been awarded scholarships by various agencies.
  • Students have brought laurels to the institution in various sports like table tennis, football etc and cultural activities like music, flute etc held at university level and intercollegiate competitions.

Academic Achievements:

University Top Ranks


  • V Rank in B.E. (Inst. Tech) in the academic year 2008-09.
  • II & VI Ranks in B.E. (Inst. Tech) in the academic year 2007-08.
  • I, II & IV Ranks in B.E. (Inst. Tech) in the academic year 2006-07.


  • I & III Ranks in M.Tech (BMSP&I) in the academic year 2011-12.
  • I, II & III Ranks in M.Tech (BMSP&I) in the academic year 2008-09.
  • I, II & III Ranks in M.Tech (BMSP&I) in the academic year 2007-08.

Research Initiatives

Staff members in the department are working in different research areas like Wire line Signal Processing, Bio-Medical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Acoustic Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, etc.

  • Insilico Analysis of Rheumatic Arthritis Disease – The aim of the project is to develop software to analyze the Arthritis Disease. It comes under an area of Bio Informatics studies.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Bone Abnormality in Human Being – The objective of the research work is, study of Normal bone and Cancerous bone composition using Image processing technique.
  • Implementation of Geo-Acoustic Approach For Obtaining Seabed Properties In Shallow Water Region - The research work mainly concentrates on Acoustic Signal Processing.
  • Development of Carbon Nanotube Based Vacuum Nanoelectronic (Field Assisted Electron Emitters) X ray sources for making compact, low power, Hand held X-Ray Systems- The research work mainly concentrates on Bio medical engineering fields.
  • Development of an efficient underwater video compression algorithm for underwater acoustic channel-The research work mainly concentrates on Acoustic Signal Processing.
  • Performance simulation using discrete Multitone Algorithm for Acoustic wireless underwater communication and for wired communication in underwater vehicle -The research work mainly concentrates on Signal Processing.

Industry Interface

  • The Department has signed a MOU with St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore to carry out joint research projects, to depute Professors to deliver lectures and consultations, to present and publish research work in scientific journals.
  • The students have carried out the projects and internships at various organizations like GE, L & T, TCS, WIPRO, MINDTREE, DRDO, DEBEL, LRDE, NAL, CAIR etc.
  • Experts from various industries are invited to discuss and present topics on cutting edge technologies.
  • Industrial visits have been organized to bridge the gap between industries and institute.
  • Experts from industries participate in syllabus framing for Autonomous curriculum.
  • Students are trained through EDC cell on entrepreneurship by various industries/organizations.

Co-Curricular Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Proficiency Courses are organized in the department to bridge the gap between the industry and institute.
  • Parents Teachers meet are held for the students during every even semester to honour the University Rank holders and academic toppers.
  • The faculty and students are encouraged to become members of professional societies like: Instrumentation Engineering Association (IEA), Center for Cognizant Technologies and Instrumentation Systems & Automation (ISA) Society, Student Chapter.
  • Students are encouraged to write articles in many Newspapers and magazines.
  • Students have organized, participated and won prizes in debates, technical quiz competitions, C programming, IOTA, IMPULSE and SKIT etc, in Inter-department competitions.
  • Students have won prizes in Open Hardware design contest, CHIP Integration Technologies, Real Time Systems, and Science technical Quiz etc, in Inter-Institutional competitions.
  • Students of instrumentation have brought laurels to the institution in various sports and cultural activities held at university level and intercollegiate competitions.
  • Students have been imparting their knowledge to the illiterate people through “KALIYONA BAA”.


The Instrumentation Technology graduates get employment opportunities in both hardware & software industries. The options being Engineering design, Simulation, Development, Fabrication, Testing, Quality Control, & Marketing In Industries like Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Nuclear Power Stations, Aircraft Instrumentation & Controls, Refineries, Petrochemical, Chemical & Food Industries, Cement, Textile, Paper industries, Pharmaceutical, Engineering , Electrical & electronic, Biomedical , Thermal power station, & Automobile Industries, Fertilizer industries, Wood processing, Mining, etc. The students got placements in core companies like L & T, Reliance, ABB, YOKOGOWA, BLUE STAR Etc, and R & D Units of Defense and Government Establishments like Navy & Army and as well as in Software Industries such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Philips, Torry Harries, CTS, Tech Mahindra, ORACLE, Infony, Cerner, HP, Intel, IBM, Syntel etc, Locally & Globally through our most famous RVCE Placement Centre.

Placements Department of Instrumentation Technology