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RVCE Industry Institute Collaboration & Networking


RVCE is rapidly expanding its R&D activities and industry-academic collaborations. Industries have set up research/ skill development facilities in campus, allowing students to continue their projects. This fosters a strong relationship between students and industries, enhancing students' employability. Faculty and students are actively engaged in executing industrial consulting work. The collaboration has been fruitful so far, with increased student interaction with industry personnel through industrial visits, internships, expert lectures, and skill-based trainings. These collaborations are growing year after year to meet industry requirements, positioning RVCE as a perfect launching pad for students.

RVCE has signed MoUs with over 150 industries, worldwide, facilitating student internships and establishing connections for research and consultancy projects for its faculty members.

Areas of Collaboration / Engagement

  • Student internship programs / student projects for B.Tech and M.Tech with duration varying from 8 weeks to 8 months.

  • Faculty sabbaticals/ exchange programs/ Visiting Professorship/ Members in BoS/ Academic Council.

  • Collaborative research projects in areas of mutual interest & applying for funding agencies.

  • Offer joint Masters/ Diploma/ Proficiency courses for Students or Employees/ Industries.

  • Development of interdisciplinary Elective Course curriculum to be offered at RVCE.

  • Facilitation in setting up of new labs.

  • Sponsoring advanced equipment to RVCE.

  • Establishment of funded chairs.

  • Market Survey to concept creation and development to proof of concept.

  • Development, Testing & Verification.


RVCE’s Legacy of Industry Collaboration

RVCE envisions Leadership in Quality Technical Education Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation with focus on Sustainable and Inclusive Technologies. RVCE undertakes to achieve its vision by delivering Outcome Based Education by developing the-state-of-the-art-infrastructure through strong industry collaboration.

RVCE has a rich legacy of industry collaboration that has significantly contributed to its reputation as one of the premier engineering institutions in the country. RVCE has over 120 MoU with industries in different sectors such as Chemical Processes, Healthcare, Bioprocesses, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials, Automotive Mechatronics, Electric Vehicles, Automation & Robotics, Consultancy, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management, E-commerce and Retail Business, Global finance and Banking Services, Research & Development, Software and Information Technology and Aerospace. The collaborative initiatives encompass curricular enrichment, centres for major contribution of the collaboration dimensions of collaboration spans over curricular enrichments, establishment of centres of competence for skill development, centres of excellence for research and innovation, support system for overall development of students and faculty.

1. Curricular Enrichment through industry collaboration

Industry professionals contribute to curricular enrichment as members of Board of Studies, provide feedback on the curriculum for periodic revisions, directly involve in course delivery as Adjunct Professors, AICTE – INSA Distinguished Professors, participating in partial delivery of courses, institute industry designed electives, as evaluators/Jury members for courses such as Design Thinking Lab and Major Projects.

2. Industry Collaborated Centres of Competence (CoC)

RVCE has established seven centres of competence in collaboration with industries: Automation Technologies (Bosch Rexroth), Automotive Mechatronics (Mercedes Benz), Automation and Robotics (Fanuc India), Electrical Vehicle Technologies (Morris Gaurage), Decibel Lab (Decibels), 5G and Emerging Wireless Technologies (German Academy for Digital Education) and Robotic Process Automation Lab (Volvo India). The centres are dedicated to provide skill based training for students and industry personnel, Industry certified internship and projects for students, conduct certificate courses, provide space and infrastructure for experiential learning.

3. Industry Collaborated Centres of Excellence (CoE)

RVCE has established eighteen Centres of Excellence in collaboration with industries: Interdisciplinary Research Lab for Macroelectronics (Hind High Vacuum), Internet of Things (Cisco Systems), Computational Genomics (Intergene), Smart Antenna System & Measurement (Rohde & Schwarz India), Connected Vehicles (Wipro Ltd), e-Mobility (Greaves Cotton), Hydrogen and Green Technology (KREDL & IWPA Instruments), Logistic & Supply Chain Management(Secure Meters), Visual Computing(Bhargawa Info Tech Solution), AI Research and Business Solutions (UK Boston Consulting), Cognitive Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Solutions(HPCC Systems and Lexis Nexis Solutions) and Women in Cloud (WIC USA). The centres are dedicated to provide space and infrastructure for academic and sponsored research, innovation, industrial consultancy, sponsored projects, internships leading to prototypes, publications and patents.

4. Laboratories Established by Industries

RVCE has several laboratories in advanced technologies, established by industries in different departments: Tejas Networks lab (Tejas Networks Pvt Ltd at ETE), Advanced RF and Wireless Communication lab(Keysight Technologies at ETE), ABB Power and Automation Technologies Lab (ABB at EEE), RVCE-LAPP India Lab (LAPP India at EEE), Data Science Lab (Boston India Ltd at AI & ML), Recombinant DNA Technology lab (Hi Media Industries at BT), NVIDIA GPU Research Centre (NVIDIA India at CSE), Software Excellence lab (IBM at CSE), Optical Research lab (Tejas at ISE). The laboratories are equipped with advanced testing facilities in specific areas and they provide space and infrastructure for conducting laboratory sessions as part of curriculum along with skill development, students projects and certification courses.

5.Support system for Students

5.1 Internship /Projects / placement

Internship and projects are mandatory courses for both UG and PG programmes of RVCE and more than 70 % of UG and PG students undergo internships and projects in MNCs, Public Sectors, MSME and start-up companies with Stipend ranging from INR 25 K to 1.0 L per month. Some of these through Institutional MoU include Microsoft, JP Margan, Wallmart, Margan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Wipro, Cisco, Airbus, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and many more. Industry collaboration has significantly benefitted in placement of students (over 90 % in many of the programmes).

5.2 Scholarships and Sponsorship

Industries support students through merit cum means based scholarships and every year around 180 to 200 are provided freeship / scholarships by private industries. Many of the companies support girl students studying Mechanical/IEM branches Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (Mercedes Benz) and Certification Course in EV (MG).

With Industry Collaboration, RVCE’s legacy of Students Innovative projects started in 2003 with ASHWA RACING CAR and presently there are 16 Innovative Project teams (100- 150 students per team) in interdisciplinary areas, in which the students get enrolled in first year and continue their association with the team till completion of their degree programme. Industries support the teams in terms of grants for design, development and fabrication, providing components, supporting fabrication and testing at their works, sponsoring travel grants for participating in National /international competitions. Students gain knowledge and skills in cutting edge technologies which has significantly enhanced their employability skills.

6. Support for Co-curricular activities and Faculty Development

RVCE has around 15 Professional Society Student Chapters (IEEE, ASM, ISHRAE, ASME, CSA, etc.) in different departments. Industry experts sponsor many of the activities of the chapters and also directly support as Resource Persons in workshops/ Seminars conducted by the Chapters. It helps students and faculty update their knowledge and skills in respective domains. Industry experts render their support as evaluators of exhibitions, final year projects and courses (Design Thinking Lab). RVCE in collaboration with Merck conducts certification programmes to provide insights into the intricacies of the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology domains to attract the engineering aspirants select Biotechnology as their career.

As a direct benefit of industry collaboration to faculty, Cognizant Technologies has instituted in 2008 Best Faculty Awards in Research and Academics and faculty are recognised through such awards on Teachers Day under ISTE chapter. Another flagship programme under industry collaboration at RVCE through e-cell is e-summit. Successful entrepreneurs share their experience / expertise and guide the participants aspiring to become entrepreneurs. e-summit is a perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs of RVCE to showcase their innovative concepts / solutions for real world challenges and seek joint ventures, mentorship platforms and funding opportunities.

RVCE is closely associated with Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce (BCIC) which represents around 850 large and medium industry associations in Karnataka. Head of the Institution has been representing RVCE in BCIC as member/Secretary. A number of programmes have been conducted in association with BCIC. RVCE is a Knowledge partner for the flagship event ‘Women Leadership Award’ to recognise contributions of women to MSME. The association with BCIC has helped RVCE in establishment of CoC and getting industrial consultancy. RVCE is recognised as MSME Host Institute Business Incubator. Proposals / ideas submitted to MSME for funding are scrutinised at RVCE. MSME has granted INR 34.85 lakh for three ideas to convert them into business models.

7. Industrial Collaboration leading to Industrial Consultancy

Industrial collaboration has helped RVCE faculty to take up industrial consultancy of companies located in and around Bangalore and other states. Consultancy projects include new product development, integration of IoT to the existing products, automation of manufacturing and testing set-up and indigenisation of products. Students of UG/PG work with the faculty, get exposure to new technologies and real world problems along with earning academic credits. Industrial consultancy directly impacts capacity development and institutional growth. RVCE has generated over Rs 9.0 Crore through industrial consultancy.

8. Support for Extra-curricular activities and Holistic Development

Many of the students extra-curricular activities such as Sports, cultural events organised through Cultural Activities Team of RVCE are partially / fully sponsored by industries. Many of the community development activities are sponsored by industries as part of CSR.

The Distinctiveness of RVCE is its legacy of industry collaboration which has a transformative impact on the Institution’s academic programs, research & consultancy, and student outcomes. By nurturing strong partnerships with industry stakeholders, RVCE continues to prepare graduates who are well-equipped to meet the evolving global.


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